Jim Hill River Walk, Revisited

I decided to take a summer walk to the first place I blogged about earlier this year.  While very beautiful, and of course changed with the seasons, I would almost change the name from River Walk to Poison Ivy and Tick Walk.



The field from the parking lot is filled with Milkweed which are important to Monarch Butterflies.  I only saw this one in the whole field.  Possibly it is still too early since the milkweed is only starting to flower.  Interestingly most Monarch Butterflies only live a few weeks.  Only the last hatching of the season migrates to Mexico, and there will live for about eight months. I managed to flush out a mother wild turkey with her young from the field quite by accident.


The trails are quite narrow, and Poison Ivy is totally unavoidable.


This bridge is the first picture in my earlier blog about the Jim Hill River Walk.  See how much has grown in such a short amount of time!


Finally, in my first blog I talked about Partridge Berries.  Here is a berry and some flowers for Partridge Berries.  I would avoid this walk is you are susceptible to Poison Ivy at this time.  Also, I left the trail with a Dog Tick and a Deer Tick I picked up along the way.




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