Sewalls Falls Park Trail

The Sewalls Falls Park Trail (click link for map) (Click here for map text) is an easy walking trail of just under a mile, one way, that follows the west bank of the Merrimack River.


The access from the Sewalls Falls Road bridge is under construction, so you will want to go to the end of Second St. and take a left into the parking lot for Rotary Park.  This trail is generally easy walking and wide, with several places to view the river.  Children should be cautioned to stay away from the steep drop offs to the water.


The memorial bench is an indication that the Merrimack River can be dangerous.  If you walk to the construction site you can see what, to us nearby residence owners, is the building of a much welcomed bridge.


On the opposite end of the trail, examine the old dam site and the canal gates.



This area is also the entrance to Rotary Park, and a short distance from the Morono Park Trail, to be see in future blogs. This trail makes for a perfect early evening hike with a friend or a dog or the whole “Fam Danmaly” (thanks to Mary P for that).


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