Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests Trails


The SPNHF trail (click link for map) runs along the Merrimack river’s west bank.  The back of the map text is found by clicking here.  In the hot summer months like now, several people will be found swimming on it’s steep sandy banks.  It is also a favorite place for people to walk their dogs.  The flat trails are easy walking, but the trails are often bordered by poison ivy.  The Swenson Granite Works can be seen on the distant hill.


The park is a peninsula, and the back side a march like area.  The tip of the peninsula is under water in the spring floods, but is quite dry now due to our extended drought.  This is a heavily used park, so expect to come across people while walking (and occasionally being startled when you thought you were alone).


Marshy areas are not my favorite places to hike due to bugs and wet feet but the 1.5 mile trail is easy walking, and usually you will find some wildlife (but not today due to heat and low water).


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