Silk Farm Audubon Center and Wildlife Sanctuary Trails

The Silk Farm Audubon Center and Wildlife Sanctuary Trails (click on link for map) click here for map text, is an easy hike when it comes to elevation, it is fairly flat, but the paths are boulder and root covered.  The area has been recently forested so there are lots of semi cleared areas with branches lying around.


I planned to walk to Turkey Pond on the “Great Turkey Pond Trail” and come back the “Old Orchard Trail”, but the “Old Orchard Trail” was closed.  There are more trails than show on the map, and updated maps are posted at the trail junctions.


This was a good day for finding mushrooms.



As well as a recently fallen tree that happened recent enough to leave the hole clearly visible.


The water level in Turkey Pond is low, and I saw no ducks or geese, who will soon be using the pond as they head south for the winter.  The longer loop took me about an hour and a half and I would say was about two miles.  I didn’t use bug spray and a nice breeze off the pond kept me cool and bug free.  The trails have some small areas of poison ivy near the pond, but not a great amount.




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