Upton Morgan State Forest

It was a cold March 3rd and I wanted to find some Skunk Cabbage, which melt through the snow with their own heat.  I knew there were Skunk Cabbage next to the bridge in Upton – Morgan State Forest so off I went.DSCN0029

Skunk Cabbage put out their flowers before they put out leaves.


The flowers are inside the covering, and the smell is supposed to be like rotting flesh but to be honest I didn’t smell it to find out.  They grow in the very wet soggy soil right next to the water.


I accidentally broke off a small flower and, since it was already broken, I opened it up.



You can see the yellow flower as well as the strange insect that was hiding inside.  While hiking I thought someone was pounding in a stake in the forest from the sound but what I found was a large woodpecker.

DSCN0039 (2)

All in all, it was an interesting half hour, quarter mile walk.  See other Upton-Morgan posts for maps and more on Skunk Cabbage.