Boscawen Town Forest Interpretive Nature Trail

On August 7th, 2017 after a rainy evening I decided to take the Boscawen Town Forest Interpretive Nature Trail.  This still fits into the Hike Concord, NH theme since the park spans both Concord and Boscawen.  A map can be downloaded here.  I started at the parking area at the end of Weir Road, off of Queen Street in Boscawen.

In the mailbox next to the sign you hopefully will find the printed guide produced by the Boscawen Conservation Commission and begin your 1.4 mile, hour long walk.  In August the mosquitos and deer flys were quite bad requiring a good bug repellent.  I also wore tall rubber boots since it had just rained.  Footing is some areas is rocky and slippery so be careful.  The Paths this time of year are very overgrown and a little hard to find at times.  Item 1 is a vernal pool (a water pool that dries up in summer).  It is not where it is shown on the map.  Turn left onto the Dogady Hill trail and you will see the pool directly in front of you.  Return to the main path to proceed to item 2, the old leather dump.  As you leave the clearing and continue down the path, notice the many test wells all around the dump site.  These are used to monitor water quality since Chromium was a major part of the tanning process.

You will eventually arrive at the sign that tells you to take a left for the nature loop.  Yes, there really is a trail there.  It becomes clearer after a a few hundred feet.  Items 3 (snags),4 (Stone Walls) and 5 (Beaver Pond) are clearly marked.  Look for signs of beavers at work.

The sign for item 6(old Field) has been vandalized, and I never did find the sign for item 7 (Apple Trees).  You will now come out at the old Weir family homestead, which has been totally overtaken by Asian Bittersweet.

 Eradication has begun, but as you can see, the vines are huge.  You have now gone about 0.8 miles.  Continue to the back of the cellar hole (item 8) and you will see the beginning of the Colby loop that returns to the parking lot.

This section is very rocky and slippery.  It is also the prettiest.  Item 9 (Bull Pine) is on this trail past another cellar hole. Enjoy your hike!


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