Curtisville and Batchelder Mill Road Trails

The Curtisville and Batchelder Mill Road Trails (click link for map) (click here for map text) have two parking lots. If you have difficulty walking, parking at the North Curtisville Road parking area will give you a flat trail walk that is easy walking.  This area is also wheel chair accessible.  I chose to park in the Batchelder Road parking area. (The sign in the parking area says, “Coeyman Park”)


This is one of the oldest settlement areas in Concord.  There was a brick making area just north of the parking area, and you will find the very wet swampy ground littered with old bricks some, like the one pictured, mistakes that were discarded.  Since the clay in this area is gray I wondered why are the bricks red?  It seems iron oxide is added to the clay to make a much stronger brick and this gives the brick its rust red color.


Going down the trail from the parking area you will cross a bridge at the location of the oldest dam site in Concord.  Just over the bridge to the right are the foundations of old mills.  I like to take the red marked trail on the left as the trail starts up the hill and walk beside the mill stream pond.


A viewing platform overlooks the old pond, and the trail continues with slight ups and downs for another quarter mile before it enters the area known as “Broken Ground”.


If you hike this trail on a cloudy day with no shadows, imagine if there was no trail and you were simply in the woods.  The thick growth and lack of ground features would have you disoriented in a very short time.  The text history talks about what happened if prisoners escaped into this area, ” The premise was that the area was so rugged one would become disoriented and lost forever.”

I like to take the red trail all the way around the perimeter of the park.  It is about 2.4 mile and takes about an hour.