Marjory Swope Park

Swope_03_23_16 012

Concord has many hiking trails, but one of its crown jewels is Marjory Swope Park (click link for map).  Today was overcast and in the mid fifty degrees (Fahrenheit) so it was a perfect day for the year’s first hike.  The snow was totally gone and the trails were not muddy.  I went left out of the trail entrance to take the gradual way up Jerry Hill. I went to the western junction that goes up to Gilfillan Rock and the west side overlook.  At the top of the mountain I saw the only insects of the day, one or two Mourning Cloak Butterflies. Notice the outer edge of the wings are the same color as the leaf! It seems they winter over and do not migrate.  I went down the north side of the hill and back via the loop trail, about 1.9 miles total and an hour of walking if you don’t stop. There is a rise of about three hundred feet. The trails are new, so there are many small stumps, and there is still some leaf covering on the trails so you might not see them until you stumble over them.  I use walking sticks and recommend them.Swope_03_23_16 015

This rock outcrop is at the junction of the loop trail and the over the top trail on the north side of Jerry Hill. What is different is that it is Metamorphic Sedimentary rock, formed of layers of compressed material. Much of Concord is Igneous rock. or granite like Gilfillan rock at the summit of Jerry hill.

Swope_03_23_16 018.JPG

Long Pond viewed from the north side viewing area.