Riley Trails


The Riley Trails (click link for map) (click here for map text) are a short trail of a little over a mile and it took me about 35 minutes.  From the parking area I took the trail to the Hoit Road Marsh overlook,then took a left and crossed the road to continue on the trail.


The forest floor was covered with newly emerging flowers.  Sorry, I don’t know what these purple flowers are called.  Feel free to post the answer!


The trail will cross a stream and then take a left over a stone wall.  Before taking the left look to your right and you will see a stone foundation.  The picture is the back of the foundation area.  The trail now goes uphill for a quarter of a mile before cresting a hill and returning you to the parking lot in a counter clockwise loop.IMG_1912

Take a left after crossing the bridge and look for the huge pine a short ways further on the left.  How old is this tree?  Just before you come to the parking area you will see a huge boulder on the right of the trail.  Imagine the glacier that left this rock here 10000 years ago.